by jaz

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dam your amazing

Im like any girl. I have obsessions. Here are the people i most aspire to be like and think are pretty fucking awesome. cheers x

Elle Fanning - Dekota Fanning's sister, i just love her look, she's pretty amazing.

Gemma Ward - Australian model, her look is so alien like

Bambi - Again another model, and again i like her look

Rachel McAdams - I truely fell in love with her when i saw notebook, who didn't. She's just  an amazing actress.

Heather Morris - Staring in Glee, i have to admit, glee is amusing, she's my favourite

Zooey Deschanel - In Yes Man she was amazing, and even better in 500 days of summer. She's just beautiful.

Agyness Deyn - She's an amazing model, she makes the images so much more vibrant and gives it her style.

And they are my obsessions