by jaz

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My bethbeth

My friend bethany is going in for a painful operation this week and it made me think of how much i love her so here is my blog to bethany. hope you like it bethy <3

I have known bethany for ages, since we were about 7. We met in grade 1 and from then on i went to her house every tuesday afternoon for gymnastics. We played bratz dolls on the weekends, went in her pool when it hit the freezing tempature of 17 in the Tasmania climate and drew everything on almost anything. We both share a love all things mystical, faries, mermaids, elves, dragons, witches and wizards. Now days we still draw together watch japanses movies such as sprited away, howel's moving castel and my neighbour totoro, we both love reading, going to museams and art exhibitions and swimming. Just last year both our fam bams went camping at our lovley yearly camp spot, Woody head, and we spent the whole time relaxing, it was magical. When i go to her house now i sleep on her futon, eat crackers and she makes me a coffee every morning, we both love sleep, paint, glitter, garage sales, vintage clothes, craft, music, nature and so many other things. I hope that bethany and i will be friends forever, we already have such a history together. Someday when i have kids and am married i want to go camping with bethy's family jsut like we do now.
I love my bethbeth so very much :) hope your operation goes ok and ill come visit you in hospital, xx

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