by jaz

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chain Letters?

Chain letters..Seriously what is the point.
I mean i get all the motivational, sad and funny quiz ones, but ones purely commanding you to send to atleast 25 people or bloody mary will come and behead me? I mean seriously. People who make these must have way too much time on their hands.

I got one the other day saying just that, there was no point to the chain letter it simply stated "send to 25 people or more and you will be safe from Bloody Mary's attacks"
Will i really get killed by bloody mary if i send it to less than 5 people?
And will something terrible happen to someone in my family if i send it to less than 10?
What about the fact that if i send it to less than 15 i'll have a serious "accident" and that Bloody Mary herself if huanting this chain mail and knows when someone doesnt send it!!

Well my life is surly over then, because i only sent it to 1 person, oh hang on that was atleast 2 weeks ago...shouldn't I be dead? The only person i sent it to was my friend as a joke saying that if i don't come to school on Monday it's because Bloody Mary has gouged my eyeballs out and that she can have my laptop..
Well i came to school on Monday much to sah's disgust at the fact she didnt get my laptop :P poor poor girl.
Oh well maybe the next chain letter i get saying that i'l be single for the rest of my life or I'll die in a horribly car crash will be the one to end me.
Keep dreaming!

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